Congressmen Cox and Frank call for signatures

Christina Fu


April 19, 2004

Dear Friends,

Members of U.S. Congress will commemorate the second anniversary of my husband's detention and call for his release by writing another letter to the Chinese government this week. A Dear Colleague letter from Congressmen Cox and Frank was out today for signatures.

Again, I come to you for help. I'd greatly appreciate that you call your Representatives as soon as you can to urge them to sign on the letter(see below).

I was horrified to hear about my husband's recent physical abuse in the detention center. At the same time, I cherish your support and efforts even more. On behalf of my husband, I thank you again for your strength and commitment to working for my husband's freedom.

Yours truly,



Letter from Congressmen Cox and Frank to colleauges
Letter from Congressmen Cox and Frank to President Hu Jintao (draft).

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